Soul Met Them All

Deep blue sky

Shallow river


Dull sun

Scar in my heart

Wounds of past

Surfaced on the skin

Bleeding soul enclosed in a shell

Taking cover from the society

It seemed

Joy never met pain

Pain never met love

Love never met hate


Soul met them all

Locked I was in the shell

Promised were the key

The key held by the wrong hands



The shell was left broken

Honest key

Silly me

Shell was too weak

Weak never met strength

Strength never met lies

Lies never met promises


Soul met them all

Tangled hair

Fairy’s tale


Barren land

Laid with roses

Soul walked on the thorns

Piercing her skin

Wanted to escape

The key made her walk

Bleeding with love

Sun setting in her eyes

Eyes never met betrayal

Betrayal never met hope

Hope never met death


Soul met them all

Written by: Reva


Encounter with Pain

A deep encounter with pain

Where heart break was a gain

Where she was the main

She was no longer sane

Broken her pieces were

Tangled her mind was

Cracked her heart became

All the daggers she regained

Screaming her soul was

Smiling her body was

Holes in her heart

She was used to

Holes in her soul

She was feeling

Cells in her body torn

Pain she felt more

Her feelings buried in dark

All she has was a mark

A mark that was

Her heart

Heart which broke

Heart which soaked

Heart which had beats

Is now beatless

She was dead

Written by:Reva


Darkness captured me from every angle 

Eyes carried the weight of the skies 

Time played with me every second 

I lost the battle, please leave me now – I screamed 

Screams so loud, filled the ears and broke the room into pieces of silence 

Every part of me, left the building of my body 

Every brick fell apart

Every layer of cement was washed away 

What my building now was, a graveyard of happiness 

I wish I had those muscles to smile 

I wish those eyes were weatherproof

Neurons should have transmitted alpha rays 

Well darling,this ain’t a fairy tale I confirmed

Strings of guitar, sound of music I had found my soul 

And soon I found, I had no soul 

Souless building now a graveyard, made its way to God

God, I know was head of all departments

Well I think I failed the tests,

I landed up in a room of emptiness

Emptiness spoke to me in different harmonies

I figured out a melody 

Emptiness trusted me & I confined in emptiness

A trail of broken pieces, I found 

Well it belonged to someone , someone I was 


By: Reva

Colors of Love

Related image

He made fake promises each day

She made fake hopes to see a ray

He ignored her for others

She ignored others for him

Her love was way too much for him

His love was way too less for her

Beauty was what he wanted to seek

Her soul was so beautiful he couldn’t see

She was so blind

She overlooked his colors

And when he showed his colors

Her heart broke like a mirror

Each piece fell with a sound of its’ own

A broken heart has now forgotten to love cuz

He had come for a lesson

She had learnt for a reason


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She was stuck in her verse

Tangled in her thoughts

Traveled in her past

The voice within her finally said ‘HUSH’

The stars twinkled

The sun shone

The flowers bloomed


Her teeth never showed

Tongue never moved

Heart did beat

Eyes did blink


Her heart was broken

Her smile was lying

Her tears were soaken

Little did they care

With time, she grew

With time, she faded

With time

With time

She was gone

She was broken



No Answer

That day I was alone

Somebody was gone

Already I had cried

Fought, shivered but every thing in vain

There was absolutely nothing to gain

Will thy come back?

No answer

Heard the wind travel through my ear to the body

No answer

No answer

I am defeated

Lost all that I had with you

Distances separated us

But thy could have replied

Next day I read- We were never friends!

Bond burnt with a white dazzling flame

My trust had flown and travelled distances

Did thy care about me?

No answer

No answer

No answer

There never was an answer!

Written By: Reva






IMG_0495A wall which divided the country
A soul which divided the person
It stretched huge
Built in anger with the hope of peace
Broken in the rope of peace
After all it was the fall of the Berlin Wall which led to peace at ease




Written by- Reva